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D’link routers are the future of modern high-tech routers. While accessing router sometimes you may encounter Dlink router red light trouble. Which need to be quick fixed. There are many simple and reliable ways on dlinkrouter.local to quick fix red LED on router.

The Dlink router red light can be solid or blinking according to the situation of your network.If you see Dlink router flashing or blinking red light then it means there can be an error or implies problem in transmission of data.
Which need a certain troubleshooting process.

Dlink routers have constantly been the most reliable brand of routers from a very long time. D’link routers are a complete package of high-speed internet connectivity with equally stable and reliable range. They are also very easy to setup due to their easy accessibility.

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The red LED on Dlink router means that a connectivity problem exists. It can also mean that there can be other hardware errors including faulty wire connections. 

When the D’link router internet light is solid red or LED light on Dlink router power light is red then make sure that you check for all types of errors. 

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Fix D’link router red light trouble with easy steps:


  • If you see the Dlink router red light, then it means that there is a problem with the Internet service. 
  • The red light on Dlink router indicates the service light on your Dlink router.
  • If you see Dlink router flashing red light, then make sure that you check all the different connections. 
  • Make sure that your router is connected to the modem properly and the AC adapter is connected without any loose connections.


  • When you see Dlink router flashing red light, then make sure to restart your router. 
  • You can also reconnect your modem again and try to remove it from the source so that you can reconnect it again to the power source. 
  • You can notice that even when your device is not connected to the WiFi network of the D’link router, you will notice Dlink router LED light ‘Red’ instead of ‘Green’. This means that a process of receiving data or transmitting data is taking place as the Dlink router constantly transmits data from the internet to provide high speeds and ranges. 

So, a simple restart can help you to quick fix the Dlink router red light error.

3. When Internet LED Light ‘Red’ on Router instead of ‘Green’:

  • If none of the above steps works and you can still see stubborn red light blinking on Dlink router, then you need to reset your router to start your services immediately. 
  • Before resetting your Dlink router, make sure that the router is connected to the modem.
  • All you must do is take out the DSL modem power cord from the modem and the Power adapter that comes with the complete package of your Dlink router. 
  • Unplug the modem and restart it again after totally turning it OFF. 
  • Unplug the router’s power supply for a few minutes and restart it again to check for the Red light on Dlink router. 
  • Still if the Dlink router internet LED is red, then you follow the Reset procedure. The reset process will surely fix the Dlink router red light trouble.

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4. Reset D’link router manually or via dlinkrouter.local  

  1. To start with the Reset process, firstly locate the reset button on your Dlink router.
  2. You can find it on the rear side of the modem.
  3. Then press and hold the reset button for around 10 to 20 seconds. 
  4. After this you may see Green light starts blinking on D’link router when the reset process is done.
  5. After this, your router will reboot, and all its settings will be restored to the factory default. 
  6. To reset factory default setting of Dlink router you can visit, dlinkrouter.local.
    This will fix D’link router red light trouble.

Follow these simple steps above which you can find in detail on dlinkrouter.local to solve the problem of Dlink router red light. 

If you still notice the blinking or solid red LED light on Dlink router, then you can contact us on our contact number for all types of information regarding Dlink routers.